Man reels in invasive fanged fish from Massachusetts lake

A man reeled in an unusual fanged fish from a Massachusetts lake that was identified by experts as an invasive species that isn’t native to North America.

Mike Powell of Canton said he was fishing in the Canton Reservoir when he reeled in a nearly 6-pound fish with a mouth full of sharp fangs.

“Let’s be honest, I’m out here chasing big bass. To catch that when I’m not looking for it, I mean I was wearing one of these things that tells you your heart rate, thing was going through the roof,” Powell told WCVB-TV.

Wildlife experts identified the 30-inch fish as a northern snakehead, an Asian species considered invasive in North America.

“There are very few species you can confuse with snakeheads,” Todd Richards from MassWildlife said.

He said the fish was likely an illegal pet that was released into the reservoir when it became too big for its tank.

“They are an injurious species, so you can’t possess them. MassWildlife regulates the possession of the fish that can live in our waters, and we don’t issue permits for snakeheads,” Richards said. “I fished this lake my entire life and when I saw that I was like, ‘This doesn’t belong here.'”